Berber village Trek of 4 Days

Overview :

During this Atlas trek you will spending full  4 days with the Berber village people of the Atlas Mountains and get a taste for what their life is like. The trip starts off in the stunning Imnane Valley that is known for the small villages that are basically carved into the side of the hills.

The Berber people are significant because they are ancient people that were around before the arrival of Arabs and Islam. Their lifestyle is shaped by the magnificent, yet dangerous environment that they live in. The diet of the Berber people has to keep them strong enough to deal with living on a mountain, consisting mainly of: breads, soups, and barley products in general. Many homes in Berber villages are made of pise, which is a combination of stone and mud. Their marriage celebrations can even last up to a week, and villagers from all around the area of the celebration are invited.



Itinerary :

Day 1 – Imlil, Tizi n’Tamaterte, and Tachdirt

On the first day of the Berber village experience trip we will trek nearly 6 hours of the day. We will start at Imlil and head towards the Imnane Valley, where we will arrive at Tizi N’tamater (2,300m) for lunch. From there we hit the trail again on the way to Tachdirt where we will spend the evening in a guest house.

Day 2 – Tachdirt and Imsker

In the morning we head off from Tachdirt and will go towards the red villag at Imsker, while passing through many smaller settlements in the Imnane Valley. At night we will rest in gites (French for locally-owned houses) after the long 5-6 hour trek for the day.

Day 3 – Imsker, Tizi Oussem via Tizi n’ Libour Pass

Another 6-7 trek through the mountains will have you crossing the Imlil Valley, and heading all the way up to Tizi N’Tacht (2,100m). 4-day Berber villages is the perfect spot to enjoy lunch while taking in the beauty of the Azzenden Valley. The trek then continues towards Tizi Oussem where we will rest in gites again. Tizi Oussem also has a hamam you can try out, which is like a type of steam bath that the locals use.

Day 4 – Tizi Oussem and Imlil

The final day consists of another 5-6 hour trek. We will head towards Imlil and encounter a massive, breath-taking waterfall, and meet up with the supply mule in Tizi Mizzik (2,500m). After lunch, it’s time to head back to Imlil where the trip will end.