Atlas Cooking class

Please your eyes and stomach on the treasures of Morocco’s souqs and villages, and uncover the unforgettable flavours of an ancient culinary tradition. Clear your plate for flavour-filled Morocco, where Berber, Arabic and European influences mix to create an adventurous culinary cocktail. Follow the smell of food through mesmerising markets and master recipes taught by those that know them best. Grab street food from a souq and share traditional meals with the locals. Take a handful of bustling souqs, mix with a dash of sea and season with fresh local produce, all drizzled with warm Moroccan hospitality for an adventure that will linger long on the tongue and in the memory.

Cooking Class in the High Atlas Mountains:

Go for a day tour and learn about cooking class in a Berber Village, Enjoy the splendor of the High Atlas and experience traditional Berber cuisine. Learn cooking class and traditional Moroccan dishes, from Tajin to Couscous (varies) under the expert guidance of a local Berber family. Relax and soak in this culture steeped in tradition, from the traditional tea ceremony, to food preparation, walking and sharing a meal. Let the warmth of Berber hospitality overwhelm and enhance .

Samples of What To make:

  • Tagine Making
  • Couscous Making
  • Kabab Making
  • Baghrir Making
  • Bread Making
  • Salades Making
  • Tea Making

Note : you Get to shop in the Local shops before heading to start your cooking class .