Atlas Mountain Bike

We cycle through remote Berber villages clinging to the steep sides of the High Atlas Mountains. Exploring the Berber villages and experience some of the fantastic long mountain biking descents offered by the region. A real experience of an ancient and fascinating country and its people and culture.

High Atlas: Mountain bike trek in the High Atlas centres on the two trekking favourites of Toubkal and M’Goun. Toubkal’s main selling point is its’ proximity to Marrakech and while M’Goun is a little more difficult to get to, it can be combines with a spin around neighbouring Jebel Saghro. If you’re planning an Atlas traverse it’s not uncommon for riders to hire a mule to carry their bike over section that are impossible to ride.

We will arrange everything for your bike trek, including:

  • MTB hire in Morocco for anyone who isn’t bringing their own bike
  • Return transport from Marrakech to the start and finishing points
  • Overnight accommodation and meals
  • Organised MTB routes and help with bike repairs
  • Luggage transfer to minimise what you carry on your back
  • There are many Mountain bike tours depending on your needs and length of stay in Morocco.
  • we  arranges from 1 day up to 08 days. Here is a list of Bike tours in Morocco



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I worked as a tourist Driver, waiter & cook laboratory operator, cosmetic and alimentary products distributor ... for certain time, but being away from guiding made me realize how much I loved teaching clients about my land, my people and life. I started getting into technical mountaineering trips. Since then, I’ve never looked back. Guiding means providing a safe, rewarding experience for my clients, so you’ve gotta enjoy interacting with new people. Really, I’m a learning teacher.” How to Gain Experience: “Most guides I know work for companies so they don’t have to worry about attracting clients or getting public land permits and insurance. In morocco, independent guides have a tough time with those three things, especially in the beginning. start at a company and gain skills, connections, and a reputation. that's what allow me to branch out.